Network Implementation and Testing Automation

NITA provides capabilities to design, deploy, test and operate a network infrastructure as a code. By implementing a CI/CD framework NITA makes it possible to realize an end-to-end lifecycle and guarantee implementation time, quality and stability. Based on continuous deployment and codification of the design, a customer can launch interactive testing, automated deployment of a new configuration and periodic audits of provided services.

This service could be provided with Juniper in the scope of our partnership.

Key Features

  • Automated Deployment. Greatly simplifies configuration and testing of the deployment and increases Ops confidence in the suitability of each deployment
  • Automated Lab Testing. Integrates with increasingly popular Agile and DevOps methodologies to enable CI/CD
  • Audit Automation. Periodically or via a trigger analyses the network configuration to ensure conformity of the design. Using observations based on tests that validate the design and services the network delivers, this feature makes unobtrusive observations of the network and reports any defects it finds.
  • Test Driven Design. Validation of the design is verified by clearly defined metrics giving confirmation when the design is ready for production. It provides full visibility of the test cycle with detailed test results to speed up defect resolution.


  • Faster time to market without sacrificing quality
  • Fast, repeatable and consistent
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Correlate impacts to alarms for quick recovery
  • Standardized and easy reporting
  • Ability to integrate into existing workflows