Bell Integrator Launches Disruptive Neural Network Framework
04 Oct

Bell Integrator Launches Disruptive Neural Network Framework

San Jose, CA, October 4, 2018. Bell Integrator, a global consulting and technology services company, takes the next bold step toward human intelligence by introducing Neuton, a disruptive neural network framework that is far more effective than any other framework and non-neural algorithm available on the market. Neuton is an Auto ML solution with resulting models that are self-growing and learning. Furthermore, Neuton is so easy to use that no special AI background is needed.

Neuton is not based on any existing neural network frameworks or non-neural methods, but rather uses its own proprietary algorithm and is as effective with small datasets as with large ones. No longer is there a need to go through the lost time and labor of using AI/Auto ML solutions that assess and build models using various non-neural algorithms and neural network frameworks to find the best solution to any given problem. Neuton grows the best model automatically.

Unique characteristics of the resulting models:

  • Self-growing and learning – there is no need to work on layers and neurons, just prepare a dataset and a model will be grown automatically.
  • Require fewer training samples
  • 10-100 times smaller than those built with existing frameworks and non-neural algorithms
  • 10-100 times faster than those built by competitors
  • 10-100 times less in neurons than those currently on the market
  • So compact and fast that they work on microcontrollers, smartphones etc.
  • Results in no overfitting
  • Far fewer absolute and relative errors in the validation samples than those built by competitors
  • The highest accuracy on a given dataset in comparison to the other solutions on the market
  • Easy to use – users don’t need scientific or AI backgrounds; only basic technical skills are required

Benchmark tests verify that Neuton outperforms competitors by several orders of magnitude. Initially, Neuton is only available as an Enterprise version to perform AI projects on premises. However, there will also be an online version coming soon after, empowering data science engineers and all others interested in building AI solutions to easily upload their data and train their models using the cloud platform. Neuton will be available for use either through API or by downloading ready-to-use models.

“Neuton makes AI available to everyone and augments human ingenuity, which will have a transformative impact on economy, every industry, scientific breakthroughs and the quality of our and future generations everyday life through wider usage and adoption of artificial intelligence,” said Blair Newman, Chief Technology Officer at Bell Integrator, USA. “We believe that intelligence makes the world a better place.” For more information please visit

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