About AR Creator

AR Creator is a cloud solution for individuals and small businesses to build their own AR Experience. This intuitive and easy-to-use tool enables to create unique business cards, advertising, and educational materials. You can simply add interactive images, videos, links, and 3D models in association with your digital or paper collateral. Users discover interactive content overlaid on a live video from their smartphone camera pointed at your image like a business card, postcard, or brochure. After AR assets and images are uploaded to AR Creator, your experience is automatically updated in the NliteN for Enterprise application, which is available for download in App Store and Google Play:

How to use AR Creator:

  • 1Log in to AR Creator
  • 2Click "New Builder", then click "+" and choose your marker. Marker is an image (JPEG - file) that triggers AR experience. It can be your business card, postcard, photo, or random image.
  • 3Add an “AR asset”, which can be an image, video, or 3D model.
  • 4Use the tools and effects to rotate, resize, and move your assets.
  • 5Save your Builder project and enjoy your AR experience using the NliteN mobile application.

Ready to get started?

Build your own Augmented Reality experience with our AR Creator

  • Add interactive images, videos, and links and 3D models to your business cards, advertising, and materials
  • Use tools and effects that bring your models to life

View the demo

STEP 1: Download the application NliteN for Marketing in App Store or Google Play:
STEP 2: Open the application and point your smartphone at the marker here:
STEP 3: Enjoy!