Augmented Reality for Real Estate

Augmented reality enables real estate companies to present their construction projects in the most engaging way, so that clients emerge themselves into the new dimensions of the property on sale. The technology provides a great value at the early stages of a construction project as well as when selling a property.

Use Cases

AR for architects

An innovative tool for architects, construction companies and real estate agents for making highly effective presentations of construction and development projects in 3D format.

AR for buyers

From exterior to interior, we create design of your concept with 3D architectural rendering, 360 degree panoramic view, floor planning combined with animations. This complete immersive experience of real estate helps consumers to visualize their dream home easily.

AR for Realtors

Realtors can learn when a prospective buyer is viewing the property and know its location in real-time. They can find out when users see a print advertisement. Based on this information, they can send push notifications to interact with the potential customers.

Key Features

    Using Augmented Reality home owners & realtors can visualize their new homes from printed brochures using an AR mobile app.
    Users can easily navigate through the real estate projects in 3D using touch gestures and explore different areas and features within the project.
    AR projects the real estate property in the 360-degree mode which provides an excellent visual experience.
    Provide high-resolution spherical panorama shots. Users can experience this using their mobile phone’s gyroscope.


  • Improve user experience and engagement through a visual interaction
  • Drive sales by eliminating common objections buyers often have when making the decision to purchase
  • Reach out to more customers using digital marketing channels
  • Track the results of your outdoor advertising campaigns as easily you would any online marketing efforts. See where users are engaging with your campaign, how often, and for how long