The AppDynamics platform empowers today’s software-defined businesses with the ability to proactively monitor, manage, and optimize the most complex software environments. All in real time, and all in production. So at every point in time, you can know more, and know it faster. It's more than monitoring—it's true Application Intelligence.


Monitor, automate, and analyze every business transaction with the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform


The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform delivers complete visibility at every level by allowing you to:
  • Monitor how end users are interacting with your applications
  • Monitor the infrastructure supporting your web and mobile apps
  • Monitor application execution right down to the code and transaction level


Address performance issues promptly and automatically, before they impact your business. The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform
  • Automates detection and remediation with intelligent, behavior-based alerting capabilities
  • Automates provisioning of cloud compute resources, and
  • Automates otherwise manual run book tasks


The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform’s analytic capabilities enable you to track and monitor business metrics, operational functions and user transactions so you can spot trends and anticipate problems — and address them before they cost you money.
  • Compare releases over time, and track changes to key performance metrics
  • Analyze scalability, performance, infrastructure capacity, and resource consumption
  • Correlate application metrics to business performance
  • Derive insights from a single view of transactional and operational data

Why AppDynamics

Recognized industry leader

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant identifies AppDynamics as an industry leader in Application Performance Management

ROI in months

We partner with our customers to drive rapid innovation and business value

Deployment Flexibility

The only APM solution that offers fully-featured cloud, private cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment options

Easy to deploy. Easy to use. Easy to maintain

Customers can focus on solving problems without an army of professional services

Highly effective

The platform is able to dynamically collect millions of performance data points across your applications and infrastructure

Addresses performance issues on the fly

Our Services

Bell Integrator provides the consulting, delivery and support for the AppDynamics platform to empower you with adaptive, powerful tools to monitor, manage and optimize your most complex software environments, in real time and in production.

We offer cloud or on-premise deployment, so you get a solution perfectly tailored for your environment.