About Neuton

Neuton is a disruptive Neural Network Framework and Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) solution that is far more effective than any other framework, non-neural algorithm or AutoML product available on the market. It makes Artificial Intelligence (AI) available to everyone.

How is it different?

  • SaaS Google Cloud AutoML solution
  • Very easy to use and no coding required
  • No special background in IT, AI and ML is needed
  • Predictions via WEB interface or REST API
  • Downloadable models for local use without Neuton
  • Far fewer cloud infrastructure requirements and therefore cost for the training and prediction in comparison to competitors
  • Unique characteristics of the resulting model:
    • Self-growing and learning – there is no need to work on layers and neurons, just prepare a dataset and a neural network structure and a model will be grown automatically
    • Requires fewer training samples
    • Up to 100 times smaller than those built with existing frameworks and non-neural algorithms
    • Up to 100 times faster than those built by competitors
    • Up to 100 times less in neurons and coefficients than those currently on the market
    • So compact and fast that it can work on microcontrollers, smartphones etc.
    • Results in minimized overfitting
    • Far fewer absolute and relative errors in the validation samples than those built by competitors
    • The highest accuracy on a given dataset in comparison to the other solutions on the market