Augmented Reality

Digital technology is evolving and transforming businesses at a rapidly increasing pace. The augmented reality (AR) has turned into a phenomenon, which holds a lot of promise for organizations looking to attract new clients, improve customer experience, and generate additional revenue. Not becoming early adopters of this advancing technology, businesses could be missing an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. With the use of augmented reality apps and solutions, businesses can engage and attract new customers using innovative interactions.


Bell.One™ offers augmented reality development solutions that cover a wide range of industries that are already using augmented reality to engage customers, improve their operational efficiencies and drive new revenue streams. The possibilities are endless!

How it works

Augmented Reality brings users information that exists in the digital world and presents it automatically and intuitively in association with things in the real, or physical, world. Users discover interactive content such as animation, video or 3D products overlaid on a live video from their smartphone camera pointed at a marker, which can be an image or a physical object.

Use Cases

  • Product demonstrations

    AR is a powerful sales tool designed to deliver a hands-on experience and trigger engagement for high-consideration purchasing like cars or furniture. It enables consumers to explore in-depth a full-featured virtual 3D model and to get a realistic feel of the product.


    AR entices consumers to purchase products instantly, by giving them unique incentives and promotions. It enables shoppers to scan a print advertisement or a product package and add items to the shopping cart.

  • Training and Education

    Today products are sold to consumers with tremendous design and functional capabilities. AR enables companies to provide rich media product training while reducing the need for costly training manuals. Similarly, in education prototypes, physical models, and detailed illustrations are expensive. With AR, students can study and interact with the course materials from any device.

  • Location-based Services

    AR provides a unique ability for travelers to identify and discover locations and attractions nearby to stay, eat, and find things to do.

John Cloutier

Senior Marketing Manager at Exmark

We approached Bell Integrator with the idea of creating an augmented reality application to support the launch of a new product we were bringing to market in 2019. This was our first foray in the AR world and the Bell team helped us learn AR capabilities and how it may be leveraged to create a unique presentation on our highly technical product.

My team was challenged to reach and insure that our AR experience was worthy of the product it was supporting. It was decided that our introduction of the AR would need to be completed for our industry trade show if possible. With a tight timeline, Bell was able to work with our team and test and complete the application on time. The AR application was well received at the trade show and actually had more engagement than we had expected.

Another important thing to note is that we went into the project with little basis to assume a project cost. We were actually pleasantly surprised at where our final cost landed. At this point we are leveraging the AR application as a training tool for our channel partners as they await the real product to arrive. Additionally, we are promoting the application in our trade advertising campaign for 2019. While we may be ahead of the technology curve for many of our consumers, we believe leveraging AR and other evolving technologies is a statement about our brand and our desire to innovate.

Thank you Bell for you leadership and execution on our project.

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