NliteN for Automotive

How it works

Bell.One™ augmented reality solutions for automotive engage customers through digital showrooms, interactive applications and user manuals, and product virtualization. Customers discover 3D car models and interactive content by pointing a smartphone camera at an augmented reality trigger, which can be an image located on the floor or a physical object itself like the dashboard.

Use Cases


  • Save costs on spacious showrooms and salespeople
  • Demonstrate countless model variations regardless of your showroom size
  • Bring your cars to your customers wherever they are rather than waiting for customers to come to you, thus increasing leads and sales


  • Enable your customers to make a service appointment the moment they see a malfunction warning right from the panel through the AR application without the need to make any phone calls


  • Empower your customers with rich media product information at their fingertips by having AR projections right on their dashboard or a paper user manual, improving user experience and satisfaction


  • Demonstrate accessories from your online store like wheels, tires, steering and floor mats, etc. on your customer’s real car, thus driving user engagement and purchasing decision-making


Try out iConfigurator, a web-based vehicle customization tool to visualize wheels, tires and accessories on any vehicle.

  • Allow the world to experience your brand through the most unique shopping experience
  • Showcase the available aftermarket upgrades before they roll out of the showroom floor
  • Provide your clients with a web-based visual solution to compare and shop for the Aftermarket Accessories available to customize their vehicles

View the demo

STEP 1: Download the application NliteN for Marketing in App Store or Google Play:
STEP 2: Open the application, click “How-To” in the menu, and point your smartphone at the marker here:
STEP 3: Enjoy!
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