NliteN for Service Providers

How it works

Bell.One™ augmented reality solutions for service providers increase revenue and attract new customers through location based services, partner advertising, online retail, and in-store incentives and promotions. Augmented Reality brings users information that exists in the digital world and presents it automatically and intuitively in association with things in the real, or physical, world. Users discover interactive and dynamic content overlaid on a live video.

Use Cases


  • Increase sales of your data plans as AR 3D models and 360 real time video require 4-5 times the bandwidth of traditional video


  • Generate new revenue through your partner network by offering users partner discounts available in surrounding stores, restaurants etc.
  • Drive new revenue through selling partner advertising displayed while users launch the AR application


  • Boost online sales through engaging your potential customers to explore 3D product models
  • Make unique offers based on person’s behavior


  • Drive more traffic to your store through personalized discount offers available only through the AR app
  • Increase impulse purchases through unique incentives and promotions
  • Demonstrate countless model variations, improving your chances of selling

View the demo

STEP 1: Download the application NliteN for Marketing in App Store or Google Play:
STEP 2: Open the application and point your smartphone at the marker here:
STEP 3: Enjoy!
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