Automated Deployment

Automated deployment allows applications to be deployed across the various environments used in the development process. This capability results in more efficient, reliable, and predictable deployments. Solutions that automate your deployment processes improve the productivity of both the dev and ops teams and enable them and the business to develop faster, accomplish more, and ultimately build better software that is deployed more frequently and functions more reliably for the end-user.

Key Features

  • The software is always deployable, an advantage which means you prioritize keeping the software deployable over adding new features.
  • A feedback loop of the build, test and deploy steps reveals the readiness of the software, allowing anyone from development, testing or production to determine that an immediate release of the software to any environment can be approved.
  • Automation of the build, test and deploy process is critical in order for the process to be repeatable and to support a higher frequency of the build, deploy and test cycles.
  • Continuous Delivery principles support keeping the software in a deployable state, with a visible feedback loop to determine the readiness of the software. Therefore, software can be confidently moved into any environment at any time.


  • Fewer errors – eliminating manual engagements reduces human errors
  • Less complicated deployment – experts are not needed to do the work, and deployment teams can be smaller
  • Reduced deployment time – saving time improves customer efficiency
  • Focus on what matters – developers can spend time developing new features, not fixing bugs from manual deployments
  • Improved product quality - smooth deployment ultimately results in better quality software
  • Customer satisfaction – frequent updates with new features address customer needs sooner and keep organizations competitive
  • Lower costs – fewer errors, fewer human hours needed for deployments mean lower costs
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