Compliance Automation

Nearly every change in a network can affect compliance. Making a manual change of any kind often leads to errors, inconsistencies, poor practices, and oversights — all of which cause compliance and security problems.

The key is to remove manual configuration and administration. Our compliance automation solution provides capabilities that create periodical infrastructure checks, ensuring conformity of the design with the required standards. Using predefined test scenarios, the solution checks all necessary devices and services. Based on these results, it triggers alarms in the monitoring system in case of any discrepancies and shows possible impacts on services.

Key Features

  • High-level customer evaluation. It is determined which compliance controls are most suitable.
  • Integration with compliance reporting tool. This stage includes customer connection to Bell.One Cloud, data receiving configuration and data normalization processes.
  • Data storage. All indexed customer data are stored and accessible 24X7 up to a few years.
  • Compliance reporting. Predefined visualized forms contain reports regarding the technical controls on HIPAA, PCI DSS, SSAE 16 and etc. Reporting tool features: “google like” search interface and flexible report-building functionality; drilldown to raw data with ability to define the root cause of noncompliance; export to printing form to provide evidence of a control problem.


  • Reduced labor costs associated with manual compliance efforts
  • Increased employee compliance rates
  • Reduced risk of workplace lawsuits
  • Streamlined processes and improve efficiencies
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