Firewall Migration Automation

As technology evolves and performance increases, it is common to migrate to a new firewall. Even using the same vendor but upgrading to a new platform is risky and time-consuming. Switching firewalls that have hundreds or thousands of rules can pose an enormous risk and technical challenge.

Firewall migration automation is designed to streamline your conversion from your old firewall to your new firewall configuration, easing this critical transition. This service provides your organization with migration and conversion tools that were developed using time-tested migration methodologies and automated processes, minimizing human errors and enabling you to convert to your new firewall efficiently and with complete confidence.

Key Features

  • Conversion of firewall configuration files from any or to any vendor
  • Configuration file validation
  • UI configuration editor
  • Exporting configuration to different vendor formats
  • Web-based and desktop applications
  • Unified multi-vendor format for saving projects


  • Accelerate migration process
  • Eliminate risks and human errors
  • Ensure easy and transparent migration
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