Mobile Testing

Bell.One Mobile Testing service allows you to test your application on any device from anywhere in the world. Our lab contains more than 100 types of devices from various brands and models running on iOS and Android. The Bell.One mobile testing service will allow you to fully assess the convenience and design of your application as well as identify problems and bugs that arise in particular operating systems and network environments.
The Bell.One automated mobile testing service, which was built on our own platform, extensively applies the revolutionary methodology of HP Mobile Center. The Bell.One solution allows you to automate the testing of mobile applications as well as web interfaces on real mobile devices in real mobile environments. Bell.One allows you to test applications remotely, taking into account the device's geolocation in roaming, which greatly expands the possibilities of solving large-scale testing tasks.

Bell.One also allows you to rent HP Mobile Center infrastructure and consult with our highly qualified personnel.

Mobile devices are available 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

Bell.One employees will develop a testing methodology, create the necessary scripts, and help automate the testing process upon your request.

Key Features

The Bell.One mobile testing service allows you to:
  • Test your application on any device and create a single directory of all devices
  • Gain continuous access to any real mobile devices from anywhere in the world
  • Analyze your application’s usage (functions, devices, operating systems, errors)
  • Record test scenarios that meet the customer's business requirements
  • Run tests remotely and at any time of the day (for example, at night)
  • Quickly test functionality without involving third-party specialists and developers
  • Build complex test scenarios involving several integrated IT systems
  • Be notified about faults in real-time
  • Receive reports: video, screenshots of the application, organized bug details

How it works

The scheme demonstrates an international cloud solution that allows the user to choose mobile devices from the farms located in the countries and cities where we have our headquarter. If necessary, this solution is easily integrated with the ALM of the customer and Jenkins, thereby allowing the automation of the processes of setting up, planning, and running tests and monitoring the performance of the product.


  • Significant increase in user retention and loyalty for your application
  • Improved quality of the application through testing on real devices
  • Reduced number of critical errors and bugs in the system
  • Lower labor costs
  • Reduced time to market