Test Driven Development

In today’s highly competitive market, businesses aim to launch new products faster and with better quality. Unfortunately, network designers often have to focus on low-level details, rather than business needs during the development process. Sometimes, the design stage exceeds its original delivery date and tests are mostly dropped, as there is not enough time to finish them properly. This inadequate testing could result in revenue loss. It’s not uncommon that an operation team has to modify a design to make it work in the “real world” – increasing complexity and therefore cost.
Test Driven Development reverses the typical network design process. It starts with developing a test for every specific feature the network requires. The test might fail as the tests are run even before the development. The development team then writes the configuration that enables the feature to pass the test. Then they refactor the configuration so that it works within the whole system. Finally, they integrate the test and configuration into the repo and then move to the next feature.

Key Features

  • Fast, repeatable and consistent testing
  • Clearly defined metrics
  • Full visibility of the test cycle with detailed test results
  • The results are easy to understand – both for pass and fail – easy to search and easy to share
  • Integration into existing tested workflows and DevOps tools
  • Vendor agnostic


  • Shorter time to market without sacrificing quality
  • Fast defect resolution
  • Increased productivity of network designers
  • Reduced development costs
  • An effective, organized and neat code that works
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