Backup as a Service

Protecting your mission-critical data is vital. Hardware failure, a security breach, or human error could result in your data being lost. Without a failsafe backup for your data, your business is at risk. With Backup as a Service you never have to worry your business suffering catastrophic loss of vital data.
At Bell.One, we understand the importance of securing and protecting digital assets and business-critical information, which is why we offer a range of data protection services tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Key Features

  • Network-based or local options
  • Full daily backups for recovery
  • Self-service recovery options for users
  • On-going management


  • Extend backup services across the enterprise. Automatically replicates data on three separate servers
  • Data transfer across a highly secure VPN
  • Reduce transfer and retention costs
  • Reduced capital equipment expenses with cloud-based backup
  • Faster and easier online recovery