Cloud Advisory

Enterprises are increasingly gaining a competitive advantage by collaborating, making business processes more agile, and creating innovative business models at low cost. Cloud solutions bring much-needed flexibility to enterprises trying to develop those capabilities needed to innovate and seize new business opportunities. The challenge lies in identifying and developing a cloud strategy that helps meet key business goals.
We help define your business requirements and assess your infrastructure, applications, and processes to develop the appropriate cloud strategy to deliver reduced costs, enhanced agility, and improved scalability.

Key Services

  • Cloud infrastructure strategy and planning services help you analyze your existing environment and determine the right cloud computing model for your business
  • Cloud transformation services empower your organization to optimize the potential of the cloud for your organization
  • Cloud architecture audit
  • Software development in the cloud
  • Cloud testing services, including mobile cloud testing
  • Maintaining and supporting cloud infrastructure and services
  • Cost analysis and optimization


  • The best cloud computing solutions for your environment
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced agility and improved scalability
  • Improved speed-to-market