Cloud Migration

A growing number of organizations are considering public and hybrid clouds to increase business and IT agility, compete more effectively, and replace outdated data centers and applications. Unfortunately, migrating enterprise applications carries risks of delays, service interruptions, and project failures. Bell.One manages complex cloud transformations and delivers Infrastructure as a Service, integrating mainframe, midrange, private, and public clouds into an effective IT ecosystem based on your organization’s requirements. These services shorten project timelines and lower costs when migrating to public or between clouds, data centers, or virtual platforms.

Key Features

  • Discovery: Establish an assessment framework, discover and audit applications in the portfolio, and determine application disposition
  • Assessment: Weigh critical factors such as security, scalability, your growth plan, high-priority business initiatives and risks, and regulations. Our assessment tool generates an impact analysis chart to determine migration readiness
  • Migration planning: Align the assessment results to a practical roadmap. We update the business case, conduct pilot migrations, and plan to reduce risk, etc.
  • Migration and testing: Mobilize processes, tools, and teams to meet your specific requirements and objectives


  • Unlimited scalability - the flexibility to scale up or down IT infrastructure depending on the enterprise's needs
  • Reduce both capital and operating expenses
  • Automation
  • Better mobility – the cloud is available from anywhere