Infrastructure as a Service

Rapidly changing business needs and the quickly evolving IT landscape create major challenges for IT teams charged with building, managing, and upgrading IT infrastructure. Overestimating the need for infrastructure can tie up IT budgets in needless cost overruns, while underestimating capacity can lead to delays, downtime, and lost business opportunities.
Infrastructure-as-a-Service solves this challenge in that it enables enterprises to adapt quickly to IT requirements brought on by business growth.
IaaS by Bell.One helps reduce costs and create efficiency while modernizing and expanding IT capabilities without spending resources on infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Backup: Guaranteed storage of local data on virtual machines
  • Virtual servers: Host your applications on virtual machines that support the following operating systems: CentOS 7, Debian 8.5, Ubuntu 16.04, and Ubuntu 16.04 (GUI)
  • Disk space: Store your data in the cloud and connect additional disk space when required
  • Networks: Manage internal corporate networks and your Internet connection, as well as set up virtual local area networks to create complex network environments
  • Monitoring: The operational integrity and performance of your applications hosted on virtual machines are monitored automatically
  • Disaster recovery: You can create a disaster recovery environment on a virtual machine to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of your IT services

Pricing details

2 Virtual CPUs, 4 GB, 100 GB Virtual Machine $75.00 per month
4 Virtual CPUs, 8 GB, 150 GB Virtual Machine $135.00 per month
8 Virtual CPUs, 16 GB, 200 GB Virtual Machine $255.00 per month
16 Virtual CPUs, 32 GB, 500 GB Virtual Machine $555.00 per month


  • Cost savings: Costly investments are a thing of the past. Pay only for resources you use
  • Scalability and flexibility: Virtual resources are easily and quickly scalable on-demand
  • Reliability and security: The guaranteed accessibility and high performance of leased capacities are made available by the provider according to the terms of the SLA
  • Simple management: You have full control of all your IT services via the member area