Enterprise Solutions Testing

Enterprise Applications have become the backbone of many organizations across the globe today. Ineffective testing and defective applications not only prove to be costly, but also damage a company’s reputation.
Bell Integrator™ end-to-end standardized services include advanced automation testing tools and reusable assets. Bell Integrator™ offers functional and non-functional testing services across the life-cycle of your projects.
Delivered by experienced, skilled testing engineers using advanced technologies, test accelerators, specialized testing processes, and proven methodologies, we can help lower your expenditures and improve the quality and reliability of your applications.

Key Features

  • Our testing solutions span various enterprise applications including:
    • CRM
      Stability of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and services fault tolerance directly affect KPI. We have extensive experience integrating CRM with other system components and customizing features to unique requirements to provide accurate test results and assure the quality of your fully integrated and customized CRM.
    • SAP
      Effective testing of SAP-based management systems is becoming increasingly difficult for enterprises. It requires considerable expense and internal engagement. We possess the necessary competencies for performing complex projects on quality control and optimizing the performance of an ERP system throughout the entire SAP software life-cycle.


  • Reduced testing costs
  • Improve the quality and reliability of your applications , which can accelerate application development cycles
  • Increase coverage and make the results visible