IT Consulting

From resolving specific issues to IT strategy consulting Bell Integrator™ consulting service is delivered to large enterprises. Our deep vertical focus, detailed understanding of your business, in-depth technology expertise, and talented team set us apart from other IT consulting companies. We will become your reliable IT partner and help you use information technology and innovation efficiently and in line with your business goals.

Key feature

  • IT Asset Valuation
    For any organization, valuation is an important component for establishing the fair market value of its business and assets, whether for a merger, acquisition, or budgeting and calculation of tax liabilities. Our IT consultants can provide an accurate assessment allowing calculation of reasonable valuations of your business.
  • IT Infrastructure Assessment & Optimization
    Our IT consultancy services cover auditing, design and supply of equipment, implementation, commissioning and support.
    Our IT infrastructure optimization projects include:
    • Structuring the architecture of the information system to provide the most cost-effective methods to achieve the company's goals;
    • Modernization keep the efficiency of your information systems at peak.
  • Technology Assessment
    Our IT professional services include IT infrastructure and processes auditing and recommendations development to improve efficiency, reduce TCO, and keep your performance, reliability, and security at peak.
    We audit the following systems:
    • Data transfer networks
    • Information security system
    • Computing and data storage systems
    • Application integration systems
    • Wireless local area networks
    • Fixed and wireless access networks
    • Videoconferencing systems
    • Telephony systems
    • Engineering systems of buildings and structures
    • IT infrastructure control and operation systems


  • Cost reduction and operating expenses control
  • Operational effectiveness and productivity improvement
  • IT infrastructure alignment and optimization for generating the desired revenues
  • Downtime reduction and productivity improvement
  • Easy access to exclusive IT consulting expertise