IT Services And Business Services Monitoring

As critical IT systems become more complex it becomes more important to monitor and manage their performance. Our monitoring and management systems reports on the availability and quality of business processes, services and systems, and displays all that data in a unified, easy-to-understand view.

Infrastructure & IT Services Monitoring

We follow a comprehensive approach in our core IT and Infrastructure monitoring services.
For monitoring every part of your IT infrastructure, we employ products as BMC Patrol/Portal, Microsoft SCOM, IBM Netcool, and HP OpenView and also, we perform IT infrastructure management.
It's a continuous surveillance process for all of the hardware and software of your company.
You get to know the current condition of the IT infrastructure, key services, critical processes, and compliance via an integrated approach. We can also provide a proposal for an ITIL-compliant upgrade to your systems and ensure that the implementation is done precisely as per your specifications.
The monitoring covers:
  • Hardware (memory, disk arrays, etc.)
  • Database systems (Microsoft Sql Server, Oracle Database, etc.)
  • Mail servers (microsoft exchange, ibm lotus domino, etc.)
  • File servers
  • Operating systems (Windows, UNIX, linux)
  • Workflow system (ibm lotis domino, various implementations based on microsoft sharepoint)
  • Web-servers
When implementing a network monitoring system, we integrate it with your existing incident management system and inventory of IT resources (e.g., BMC Remedy, Symantec ServiceDesk, etc.).
We provide highly professional technical support with our monitoring solutions and are diligent in meeting or exceeding the requirements of the SLA.

Business Service Monitoring

Self-serve applications based on electronic services are rapidly becoming the backbone of business. Given the modern environments, the applications become more complex and are hard to track. Need for seamless integration of multiple systems (especially those involving third parties), guaranteeing the performance of those applications is challenging, yet crucial enough for excellent end-user experiences. The probabilities of failure rise with the increase in the number of systems. For that reason, equipping those systems with their own monitoring tools will help you preemptively spot and eliminate problems before they spoil your customer’s experience.

This further helps in the holistic monitoring of the process, starting from the initiating event till the final delivery. As a result, you will ensure a seamless experience for the customer throughout the buying process.For example, when buying multimedia content, there are several steps:
  1. Discover content
  2. Order content
  3. Pays for the content
  4. Download the content
Monitoring these operations will help you ensure the services rendered are easy, fast, reliable and secure for the end user.

It is possible to break the service into points of responsibility. Thus, we perform monitoring of the whole service, as well as its parts. This approach makes more sense when there are a number of parties involved under SLAs.

As part of our collaboration with you, we will determine appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each operation and the service as a whole. These KPIs can then be used to monitor compliance with the SLA between all of the relevant parties.

We use hardware and software system of our own design for the implementation of business services monitoring. It includes: hardware; 3G/4G modems and/or Android-based smart-phones, and servers. Software; DBMS and a set of our own software components.

The solution has its own means of visualizing the results, but can also be integrated with third party quality management and incident control systems the customer may already have.

When implementing a system for monitoring business services, we carefully consider the type of hardware used by the Customer and licensing specifics of the products already in use.

We provide highly professional technical support with our monitoring solutions and are diligent in meeting or exceeding the requirements of the SLA.