Identity and Access Management

Today's organizations must govern and enforce user access across multiple channels, including mobile, social and the cloud. At the same time, they must also address their business needs, such as role management, compliance, audit reporting, and integration of various user populations.
Bell.One platform identity and access management solutions help ensure compliance and reduce risk by protecting and monitoring user access in today's multi-perimeter environments.

Key Features

  • Single Authentication: Access to various IT resources using a single user account without entering logins and passwords multiple times
  • Configurable access control policy: Internet traffic can be restricted based on website category, domain name, or type of file on the network. All restrictions can be applied to different users and groups.

Pricing details

up to 20 corporate network users $35.00 per month
up to 100 corporate network users $125.00 per month
up to 250 corporate network users $225.00 per month
up to 500 corporate network users $415.00 per month


  • Higher productivity translating to improved business performance
  • Lower operating expenses on Internet traffic
  • Reduced administration costs associated with registering and configuring accounts and forgotten password requests
  • Compliance with regulatory mandates
  • Flexibility and accessibility: pay only for what you use without the need for costly investments in software