In the era of rapid transformation and digitalization, the automotive industry should embrace innovations to improve customer experience and increase operational efficiencies.

Our digital solutions allow to deliver personalization and interconnectivity in the car-buying experience and create a more efficient supply chain.

Our Offering

Allows to provide a seamless customer experience that bridges the gap between the web and the showroom

  • Digital showrooms
  • Product virtualization
  • Interactive user manuals
  • Car service

Recognizes a user’s car and enables customers to visualize the new wheels or tires on their real vehicle

  • Provides unique shopping experience
  • Demonstrates upgrades before they roll out of the showroom
  • AR enabled tool to visualize products on real vehicles

Allows to track the vehicles near real time and provide the manufacturer the exact location of their vehicles across the globe

  • Vehicle movement tracking
  • Supply chain planning
  • Route management
  • In-transit security