Like many industries, the Financial sector is experiencing massive changes; new regulations and massively increasing customer expectations are forcing financial companies to relook at everything. We design and implement solutions that enable our clients to rapidly meet their business objectives, directly impacting revenue, operational efficiency and customer loyalty. Our customers include Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Société Générale Group and other top tier banks with average capitalization of over $10B.
  • One vendor for front, middle and back office operations
  • Optimize existing systems to lower operating costs
  • Customized solutions for CRM, Reporting, and DW

Our Offering

Allows to track large amounts of video data, identify and recognize customers, provide analytical insights

  • Facial Recognition
  • Fraud Detection
  • Security

Delivers meaningful and timely finance analytics for financial planning and process automation

  • Personalized financial planning
  • Fraud detection and anti-money laundering
  • Process automation – not just back office functions, but customer facing operations as well

Increases customer engagement and delivers a relevant, personalized, omni-channel experience

  • Personalized digital signage displays
  • Personal bank information
  • Cross-sales opportunities

Allows leasing and insurance companies to maintain real-time visibility of an enormous numbers of assets

  • Asset visibility
  • Asset security
  • Equipment management optimization

The banking and financial services industry with its enormous repositories of transactional and customer profile data, has rich potential for the application of predictive analytics.

  • Supporting consumer analytical models
  • Influencing customer purchase behavior
  • Reducing financial losses

Challenges Facing Banks


  • Includes a set of applications from different vendors
  • Deployed on multiple platforms in different years
  • Developed without strategy
  • Requires scalability


  • Increased downtime
  • Increased TCO
  • Lack of internal resources for a complex environment

Applications Services

  • Outdated system modules
  • Updating modules takes too long
  • Lack of modules tailored to business processes
  • No responsibility for integration with other vendors' software
  • No legacy application support

Our Solution

  • Bank systems customization and data migration
  • Complex rules development of interest rates calculation
  • Development of high-loaded web-application clusters with adaptive design
  • Support and development of regulatory reporting systems for retail and investment banks
  • New sub-systems and processes deployment (e.g. scoring/risk management, CRM)
  • Front-end systems development and optimization (Call Center, Bank Client etc.)
  • Regulated procedures optimization (EndOfDay)
  • Reporting in compliance with international regulations (EMIR, SOX)

Quality Assurance

  • Outsourcing of full QA to customers
  • Automated and performance testing
  • Unit-testing development
  • Mathematical modelling of system behavior under load (when it is impossible to run tests in a production environment)
  • QA processes and competence centers building
  • System and equipment capacity simulation during controlled parameter based load increase
  • Regression tests automation
  • Integrated functions testing

Project Examples

  • Core Banking system stabilization: stress testing, performance degradation analysis and resolution (IBM pSeries, DS*8xxx storage, WebLogic App server, java-based app)
  • Optimizing performance for heavily used Oracle databases
  • Critical java-based application analysis: fixing memory-leakage

Integration Services

  • Design, delivery, and support of corporate information systems of any level of complexity
  • Integration of middleware applications and software
  • Video monitoring systems delivery and setup
  • Processing and acquiring systems development
  • Data storage, backup systems
  • Design and implementation of corporate server and network architecture
  • Corporate portals development
  • Virtualization
  • Information security

Integration based on IBM WebSphere

  • Outdated system modules
  • Updating modules takes too long
  • Lack of modules tailored to business processes
  • No responsibility for integration with other vendors' software
  • No legacy application support

Examples of business process streamlining

  • Credit line
  • Card transactions
  • Money transfer
  • Debts collection

Example: Online credit streamline

Real-life structure

Simplifying Customer Interactions based on JACADA

Contact Center Optimization

  • Customize existing applications into a single automated agent desktop
  • Create and implement an interactive scenarios and streamline business processes
  • Create and Optimize User interface using existing CRM
  • Create Visual IVR and deploy it to the website or mobile app

Integration and Legacy Products

  • Integrate various applications without access to the source code
  • Extend and modernize legacy systems by generating a thin-client graphical user interface
  • Create web services interfaces to legacy data without re-engineering the legacy applications


  • Building centralized monitoring systems covering all parts of IT infrastructure
  • Business Services Monitoring
  • IT Services Monitoring
  • Service quality and access management

Centralized Monitoring Approach

Proactive real-time monitoring of business-process deviations from established policies: Resources monitored:
  • Hardware (CPU load, RAM, hard disc system etc.)
  • System software
  • Monitoring based on HP BPI and TV
  • BMC Patrol
  • IBM Netcool
  • Bell Integrator dashboard

Performance Optimization & Infrastructure Bottleneck Analysis

  • DBMS and application server tuning to meet performance requirements
  • Application and database performance analysis
  • Network bottleneck analysis for LAN/WAN/SAN
  • Performance bottleneck analysis based on stress testing
  • Performance modeling and sizing

Big Data

  • Marketing analytical systems development
  • Target prospects groups creation based on complex criteria
  • VAS-services requiring a high-speed data processing
  • Aggregation and processing of unstructured data
  • Customer segmentation, personalized product offerings
  • Preparation of corporate clients transaction statements for any period

Big Data Sources Management