Healthcare organizations are undergoing perhaps the most dramatic changes ever, resulting in new business models and patient care models, while also needing to meet new regulations. We enable hospitals and medical practitioners to focus on patient care, while we handle the heavy lifting of providing the technologies that enhance operational efficiencies, optimize internal processes, and meet regulatory compliance.

Our Offering

Bell.One innovative Smart Logistics solution can track the product location as well as the condition.

  • Conditional monitoring
  • Integrity control
  • Shipment visibility

AI in health represents a collection of multiple technologies enabling machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn so they can perform administrative and clinical healthcare functions.

  • Personal health virtual assistant
  • Anvanced analytics and research
  • Data-driven patient care

Predictive analytics has the power to change the way providers support health and wellness by equipping individuals with knowledge to manage their health and drive preventative care.

  • Insurers can better engage with members on wellness and prevention early in their lives
  • Adding value with personalization helps insurance providers create meaningful relationships with members

Allows to track large amounts of video data, identify and recognize customers, provide analytical insights

  • Facial Recognition
  • Fraud Detection
  • Security

Cloud-ready MIS

We developed an integrated cloud-ready medical system allowing modernization of healthcare organizations and private practices, replacing legacy document systems.

The system provides automation of all key processes of medical institutions and practices, including patient treatment and financials.

The product consolidates patient related data from numerous systems (such as LIS, PACS, patient monitoring systems, etc.) into a unified whole, so practitioners can quickly retrieve and analyze all information necessary for making data-based and outcome-based decisions.

Information system Integration

For optimal patient treatment it is essential the practitioner receive complete and updated information.

We have extensive experiance in integrating information systems and end devices using both standard protocols, integration profiles (HL7, DICOM and IHE Profiles) and proprietary formats of data exchange.

We have developed a technology platform called Health Data Exchange allowing physicians to take advantage of transparent interaction of MIS with LIS, PACS, RIS and patient monitoring devices.

Global Health Record Network

Consolidated patient history, including test results carried out by third parties,allows a physician to get a complete picture of each case and enables a higher level of diagnostic accuracy and patient care.

The "Global Health Record Network" solution offers unified information on patient examination and treatment history in a special secure cloud storage.

Data Analysis

Understanding the dynamics of a patient's condition, and the impact of various factors including drugs, nutrition, physical activity, etc., is invaluable in terms of building personalized plans and approaches to the treatment of each patient. It also enables the development of new scientific approaches to diseases treatment in general.

Our vast experience in building aggregation systems, analytical processing,and data visualization brings doctors and hospitals all the advantages of in-depth and comprehensive analysis of clinical, behavioral and financial information stored in the System.