Increasing requirements from regulators and passengers, tough competition and pricing pressure create a huge need for transportation companies to adopt technologies to increase their operational efficiencies. We offer solutions, such as M2M communications, that optimize operations, make your business more responsive and agile, and enable you to provide enhanced customer service.

Our Offering

Transporters and 3pl companies want to be able to maintain visibility on their shipments in transit to minimize the risk of theft and to optimize delivery schedules.

  • Shipment visibility
  • Delivery routes optimization
  • Delivery windows reduction

Artificial intelligence-driven logistics spearhead a fundamental transformation in the global movement of goods.

  • Autonomous trucking and delivery
  • Enhanced security
  • Delivery optimization

Allows to track large amounts of video data, identify and recognize customers, provide analytical insights

  • Facial Recognition
  • Fraud Detection
  • Security
Bell Integrator™ Transportation services include:
  • Smart Logistics solution to monitor the assets in real time providing guidance on ETA and meeting delivery schedules
  • BI solution for business (development and implementation of an expert system for analysis and decision-making, e.g. Qlick)
  • Creating a call-center, so you can respond to customer requests quickly and accurately
  • Online reservation systems (creation, implementation, support and development), making it easier to do business with you.
  • Development of a passenger alert system for flight cancellation / delay via e-mail and SMS-messages, so your passengers are always informed
  • Implementation of a passenger alert system for changes in airline flights
  • Centralizing all your data via a singular data processing and storage center
  • Design, implementation and support of payment systems
  • Design, implementation and support of internal and external reporting, so customer data is always right at hand
  • Creating a system of payment processing, integration with GDS Sirena-Travel