The key factor in retail today is the quality of customer service. Every retailer strives to meet their customers’ ever-growing expectations to stay competitive and accelerate profitable growth.

Our digital solutions allow retailers to learn more about their customers, predict their behavior, and improve shopping experience.

Our Offering

Allows to track large amounts of video data, identify and recognize customers, provide analytical insights

  • Facial Recognition
  • Fraud Detection
  • Security

Delivers meaningful and timely retail analytics to predict purchasing behavior and run churn prevention campaigns

  • Loyalty management service
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Predictive maintenance

Increases customer engagement and delivers a relevant, personalized, omni-channel experience

  • Virtual dressing rooms
  • In-store incentives and promotions
  • Additional product information and demo
  • Product virtualization

Allows to improve delivery process and minimize inventory levels to optimize available stock

  • Shipment visibility and monitoring
  • In-transit security

Predictive analytics can be a huge benefit to retailers, enabling them to plan their business in every aspect and respond quickly to market changes.

  • Helps retailers obtain insights about customers’ purchase history
  • Collates product demand, pricing history, competitor activity and inventory levels
  • Helps a company to invest wisely