Massive market shifts and increasing competition are forcing telecom companies to reinvent themselves and seek new revenue streams, as traditional business is eroded. We enable telecom companies to maximize their opportunities, deliver solutions that improve customer experience, reduce maintenance costs, and increase control over IT infrastructure.

Our telecom customers include VimpelCom, MTS, MegaFon, and Rostelecom. Our solutions serve more than 600M subscribers daily.

Our Offering

We can help you get your business ready for the IoT. Our Smart Logistics solution includes an innovative cloud platform that brings real-time, pay-as-you-go, shipment and asset monitoring service with data, reports, and analytics that help you create more value for your customers. Together, we bring new opportunities and solutions to businesses around the world.

Expert systems and machine learning are the two AI techniques that have been widely used in telecommunications.

  • Customer lifetime value
  • Churn prevention
  • Predicting customer experience

Predictive analytics delivers insights to help telecom service providers proactively improve customer experience, reduce costs and increase margins.

  • Track customer-related data in real time
  • Analysis of consumption of services and bandwidth in specific regions
  • Proactively detecting fraudulent activities

Allows to track large amounts of video data, identify and recognize customers, provide analytical insights

  • Facial Recognition
  • Fraud Detection
  • Security

Augmented Reality brings users information that exists in the digital world and presents it automatically and intuitively in association with things in the real, or physical, world.

  • Location based services
  • Partner advertising
  • In-store incentives and promotions
Bell Integrator™ Telecom services include:


  • Fault Management
  • Performance Management
  • Network Resource Inventory (NRI)
  • Service Quality & Customer Experience Management
  • Service Level Management, monitoring of IT infrastructure
  • IT Inventory, configuration management
  • End-to-end Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Trouble Ticketing
  • Workforce Management

Big Data

  • Build Apache Hadoop ecosystem infrastructure
  • Apply batch and online Big Data processing for existing infrastructure
  • Design analytical algorithms for customer segmentation and personalized product offerings based on complex criteria
  • Enable corporate clients' transaction level data availability for any given period
  • Consult for Big Data Warehousing architectural implementations and data integrations
  • VAS services high-speed Big Data processing APIs development and support

Information Security

  • Personal data protection
  • Security tools implementation
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Incident analysis
  • Firewall/Web Gateway
  • DLP
  • DAM/WAF (DB protection)
  • End-Point Protection
  • Anti-virus and parental control


  • Assessment and Design
  • Relocation / Consolidation
  • Engineering and Permitting
  • Construction, Management and Installation
  • Electrical and Communications Systems
  • Data Center Commissioning
  • Services and Maintenance
  • Internal Colocation Client Services


  • Cloud strategy development and implementation
  • Cloud infrastructure development
  • Cloud architecture review
  • Development of cloud-ready solutions and products
  • Cloud solution and product testing
  • Maintaining and supporting cloud-based systems
  • Cost analysis and optimization


  • Integration bus
  • ERP
  • Billing system
  • Payment systems
  • CRM
  • Customer Care
  • Workflow systems
  • Private offices and self-service portals
  • B2B portals
  • Order Management

Infrastructure Solutions

  • Basic IT and Telecom Infrastructure
  • Data transfer networks, Wi-Fi, routing
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Asset management
  • Data Processing Center management
  • Virtualization
  • Network infrastructure


  • Development of complex hybrid private clouds
  • New services development and introduction
  • Network functions virtualization and migration from special equipment to general-purpose servers
  • Consulting on effective use of the existing infrastructure and equipment
  • Support for IaaS /SOC platforms based on OpenStack


  • Analysis
  • Automation
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Agile Development
  • Continuous involvement of Ops
  • Test/Build automation
  • Fast Delivery
  • Measure DevOps success
  • Transformation
  • Application transformation
  • Cloud adaption
  • Continuous deployment


  • Mobile business applications development
  • Mobile TV and video on demand application development
  • Mobile Testing and Automation
  • Continuous delivery
  • Mobile VPN implementation

Key Customers

Nearly 149.6m AT&T wireless subscribers in the U.S. and Mexico. The company delivers advanced mobile services, next-generation TV, high-speed internet and smart solutions for people and businesses.
5.9 m broadband subscribers. Company offers network and data systems management, big data analytics, managed security services, hosting, cloud, and IT consulting services
42,000 patents and customers in over 180 countries and comprehensive industry solutions ranging from Cloud services and Mobile Broadband to Network Design and Optimization
60k employees, provides Business Solutions, Network Systems and Global Services
200m subscribers
End-to-end enterprise solutions, PBX, IP Voice based solutions and WAN-LAN integration
28.6m customers. Company provides Cable Communications, Cable Networks, Broadcast Television. The Cable Communications segment provides video, high-speed Internet and voice services.
The Lightower Network extends over 33,000 route miles. Company offers ONET, Colocation, Cloud Computing, Video Transport, Managed Private Optical Networks (MPON), Wireless Backhaul (FTTT).
230m subscribers in 18 counties worldwide (Russia & CIS, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) GSM and UMTS, LTE, FTTB, Wi-Fi, TV and IPTV
150m subscribers
80m subscribers
125m subscribers
Fixed, GSM/UMTS/CDMA/LTE, Broadband, IT Services, Networking Solutions, Cable TV and Cloud
14m subscribers in 9 countries
Mobile and fixed-line telephony, cable TV and Internet services