Network Security

Cybersecurity threats can come from anywhere at any time, so network security should be continuous, scalable, flexible, and comprehensive.
In the event your assets are not continuously monitored and discovered and your company is not alerted to atypical network activities, allowing you to quickly identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities and compliance problems, you can't respond to suspicious incidents and your network will be an easier target for hackers.
Bell.One platform provides you with full visibility of your network's IT assets — on premises, in the cloud and at mobile endpoints — and shows you how they might be vulnerable while letting you protect them.

Key Features

  • Site-to-site VPN provides secure access to information for all customer offices and sites over the Internet. Secure connections are established using the IPSEC protocol
  • VPN is provided automatically to establish a connection between CPE and the cloud
  • Anti-virus protects web traffic and supports HTTP protocol checking
  • Firewall enforces security policies and prevents unauthorized access to corporate IT resources

Pricing details

up to 20 corporate network users $35.00 per month
up to 100 corporate network users $75.00 per month
up to 250 corporate network users $115.00 per month
up to 500 corporate network users $145.00 per month


  • Integrated protection of corporate data against internal and external threats
  • Instantly available ready-made cloud-enabled solution and simple service activation procedure
  • Simple management via the member area: just a few clicks away
  • Flexibility and accessibility: you pay only for what you use without costly investments in software
  • Cost optimization