Smart Logistics for Automotive

Automotive manufacturers do not have visibility into the location and movement of their vehicles when shipped through ocean and fleet trucks. In addition manufacturers are looking for visibility within their parking lots and service management centers.
Automotive manufacturers are also looking for just in time delivery of parts to ensure smooth manufacturing. The lack of real time knowledge of the eta of the parts leads to increased inventory hold and potentially delayed receipt of parts at the manufacturing facility.


Bell.One​ innovative Smart Logistics solution can track the vehicles near real time and provide the manufacturer the exact location of their vehicles across the globe. The location can also be provided when the vehicles are on ocean shipment by tracking the vessel.
In addition to in transit vehicle movement Bell.One platform can provide movement details within a service center with workflow times to better estimate service performance.

Use Cases


  • Smart Logistics solution monitors vehicles down to an item in yards and service bays in real time providing alerts when it is tampered or moved. Vehicles can be monitored by geography and owner.


  • Smart Logistics solution provides visibility for a car in a factory, at dealers, and movement in-between and sends alerts in case of route deviations, unexpected stops, or delays.


  • Smart Logistics enables to gain control over dealer inventory needs, providing real-time visibility and ETA information for dealers, and reducing depot detention costs.


  • Smart Logistics solution helps manufactures manage and secure shipments, even when they are using leased vehicles by providing real-time data on shipments transported by market vehicles.


  • Containers are critical assets for automotive operations. Lack of access to necessary containers can impact production in dramatic ways. Smart Logistics solution provides visibility into the location and condition of containers.


  • Whether monitoring workflow in a facility, in a lot, or at a dealership, Smart Logistics solution provides real-time accurate knowledge of all automobiles, containers, and other assets needed to assess and improve workflow.

How it works

  • Request tracking devices

    We will only ship you the tracking devices you need, when and where you need them.

  • Drop tracking devices

    Tracking devices come charged and ready to go. There are no wires to connect or buttons to press. Receive alerts when they occur.

  • Receive real-time alerts, monitoring, and reporting

    Whether you are shipping via land, sea, rail or air, we monitor the location and the condition of your shipment almost anywhere around the globe.

  • Return tracking devices

    Need to use the tracking devices again? Go right ahead! Otherwise, we'll organize the pickup of the tracking devices when you're ready to return them.


  • Reduced labor costs to locate vehicles
  • More efficient vehicle movement tracking
  • Better supply chain planning
  • Better route management
  • Ability to react to a vehicle deviation in real time
  • Ability to reduce in-transit theft