Smart Logistics for Financial Companies

Risk mitigation is a critical concern for leasing and insurance companies. They need to address a variety of concerns including better management of leased or insured equipment. They want real-time data on the location of all the equipment. In addition to inventory, the monitored asset should be secured against tamper and movement.


Bell.One™ Smart Logistics solution enable leasing and insurance companies to maintain real-time visibility of an enormous numbers of assets. By providing alerts when an asset is tampered or moved, they enable companies to streamline asset management and prevent theft. Besides, financial companies obtain not only daily location data but also geo-fence check-in and checkout alerts. The assets can also be monitored by asset owner. Bell.One™ analytics enables leasing companies to spot under-utilized assets and anticipate risk of customer default.

Use Cases


  • Smart Logistics enables insurance and leasing companies to locate assets in real-time, monitor check-in/check-out providing alerts when an asset is moved. The assets can be monitored on a global scale with automated cycle counts.


  • Smart Logistics helps leasing companies protect their assets and reduce theft and abuse. In addition to comprehensive visibility and accuracy of equipment location and inventory, they get real-time alerts and audit trails, and the highest level of confidence in asset usage monitoring, reporting and regulatory compliance.


  • Smart Logistics helps insurance and leasing companies managing or renting heavy equipment, cars, and trucks, power tools, movie production equipment, concert sound equipment, or other mobile assets provide real-time data of all their assets, their current location, and their history of use.

How it works

  • Request tracking devices

    We will only ship you the tracking devices you need, when and where you need them.

  • Drop tracking devices

    Tracking devices come charged and ready to go. There are no wires to connect or buttons to press. Receive alerts when they occur.

  • Receive real-time alerts, monitoring, and reporting

    Get real-time visibility of your equipment almost in any place of the world.

  • Return tracking devices

    Need to use the tracking devices again? Go right ahead! Otherwise, we'll organize the pickup of the tracking devices when you're ready to return them.


  • Reduction in lost assets
  • Reusability of assets based on the ability to locate
  • Reduction in excess inventory based on assets not being found
  • Ability to reduce inventory cycle counts
  • Reduction in asset liability based on theft
  • Ability to recover stolen assets