NliteN for Advertising

How it works

Bell.One™ augmented reality solutions for advertising offer the next step using digital technology for business cards, marketing collateral, and interactive advertising applications. Bring your marketing to life! 

Use Cases


  • Differentiate your brand and WOW your customers
  • Turn a pocket-size paper into an interactive product catalogue or a product demonstration tool
  • Provide your customers with the call-to-action buttons to instantly visit your website, email you directly, or share your card in social media


  • Bring print to life and allow virtual media to create an experience that was once only 2D
  • Transform any piece of paper into digital product presentations in real environment
  • Give your customers a standardized and intuitive experience across all your marketing channels


  • Grab the millennial attention and go viral
  • Link the interactive campaigns to a website, directing consumers to instantly purchase your product
  • Track the results of your outdoor advertising campaigns as easily you would any online marketing efforts. See where users are engaging with your campaign, how often, and for how long

John Cloutier

Senior Marketing Manager at Exmark

We approached Bell Integrator with the idea of creating an augmented reality application to support the launch of a new product we were bringing to market in 2019. This was our first foray in the AR world and the Bell team helped us learn AR capabilities and how it may be leveraged to create a unique presentation on our highly technical product.

My team was challenged to reach and insure that our AR experience was worthy of the product it was supporting. It was decided that our introduction of the AR would need to be completed for our industry trade show if possible. With a tight timeline, Bell was able to work with our team and test and complete the application on time. The AR application was well received at the trade show and actually had more engagement than we had expected.

Another important thing to note is that we went into the project with little basis to assume a project cost. We were actually pleasantly surprised at where our final cost landed. At this point we are leveraging the AR application as a training tool for our channel partners as they await the real product to arrive. Additionally, we are promoting the application in our trade advertising campaign for 2019. While we may be ahead of the technology curve for many of our consumers, we believe leveraging AR and other evolving technologies is a statement about our brand and our desire to innovate.

Thank you Bell for you leadership and execution on our project.

View the demo

STEP 1: Download the application NliteN for Marketing in App Store or Google Play:
STEP 2: Open the application and point your smartphone at the marker here:
STEP 3: Enjoy!


  • Increase your brand recognition with stunning marketing collateral and advertising
  • Boost your sales through increased customer engagement
  • Analyze, adjust and improve your marketing materials, campaigns, and customer interactions
  • Connect online and offline platforms to provide an omnichannel standardized experience
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