NliteN for Banking

How it works

Augmented Reality brings users information that exists in the digital world and presents it automatically and intuitively in association with things in the real, or physical, world. Bell.One™ augmented reality solutions for banking allow customers to discover interactive content such as credit offers or locations overlaid on a live video from their smartphone camera pointed at a page, screen, or physical object.

Use Cases


  • Augmented reality technologies and smartphones transform any flyer or poster on the wall into an interactive panel, where a bank client can watch a video about banking products, order a service, contact an operator or request additional information.


  • Augmented reality helps banks expand their cooperation with partners from other sectors, such as retail, automotive, telecom, and real estate by displaying dashboards and partner products, as well as by offering discount coupons or credit offers to purchase these products without taking up additional physical space.


  • Augmented reality technology allows you to quickly find the nearest branch or ATM. Just by using a mobile phone camera, GPS and compass, users can see real-time information on the location and distance of the branch, as well as supplemental details.


  • Ability to identify and blend reality into digital world can help bank cross-sell various credit products in a highly targeted fashion. For example, on the way home, a client sees a real estate object for sale. The client points a smartphone camera at the building and gets detailed information about what is available, what a possible loan looks like complete with market rates, payments and terms.


  • Clients can view their personal bank information as easily as reaching out to their credit card. Just by pointing their smartphone camera at the bank card, they immediately check their balance, track spendings and withdrawals, etc.


  • At any moment clients can obtain information about cashback and special offers from the bank partners. They do not need to log into their account – they just point a smartphone camera at the bank card or the logo of a store, pharmacy or cafe to check whether this brand is included in the category of businesses with greater cashback.


  • For consumers who can’t visit their branch due to traveling or simply need more privacy, virtual banking will come in handy. A 3D-avatar controlled by your personal banker can present advice, offers and complex financial data in a single, visualized setting.

View the demo

STEP 1: Download the application NliteN for Marketing in App Store or Google Play:
STEP 2: Open the application and point your smartphone at the marker here:
STEP 3: Enjoy!


  • Turn every visit of a client to your bank into a cross-selling opportunity by offering products and services that match the personal profile of the client
  • Provide the client with detailed information about products that are of interest to them without involving a bank employee and thus saving on manpower
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of interactive content without the need to invest in expensive video panels
  • Strengthen the client's emotional connection with your brand by getting involved in their everyday life and expanding interaction with them through augmented reality
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