NliteN for Education

How it works

Bell.One™ augmented reality solutions for education enhance the educational experience by creating fascinating training materials, 3D prototypes, interactive trainings, game based learning, and virtual learning environments. Augmented Reality brings users information that exists in the digital world and presents it automatically and intuitively in association with things in the real, or physical, world. Users discover interactive content such as 3D prototypes overlaid on a live video from their smartphone camera pointed at a page, screen, or physical object.

Use Cases


  • Save on expensive detailed illustrations and posters
  • Offer always relevant training materials that never get worn down
  • Get your students excited about the learning process


  • Save on expensive prototypes and physical models replacing them with virtual 3D models
  • Bridge the gap between 2D images and real world objects (like human organs, etc.) delivering them in an ultra realistic way wherever your students are


  • Speed up the training process by enabling your audiences to study material wherever they are
  • Reduce costs on your training staff
  • Trace what content is most viewed, what exercises are done and repeated, which are not


  • Drive engagement and encourage discoveries
  • Offer practice in environments or situations, simulating the real ones
  • Put the learner in the center of the learning process, which moves the games closer to the learning objectives


  • Share product models & folders of product models with your team and clients. Always have access to the most up to date products
  • Access your AR catalog offline. No need to worry about internet connectivity during meetings. Your models are synced to your device.

View the demo

STEP 1: Download the application NliteN for Enterprise in App Store or Google Play:
STEP 2: Open the application and click the menu:
STEP 3: Click "Switch to Markerless mode":
STEP 4: Point your smartphone at any open space and click "Place Markerless Object":


  • Give your students a new amazing experience
  • Save on expensive detailed illustrations and posters
  • Make learning process more efficient
  • Connect with your students in a virtual space
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