With the rise of the Internet and the rapid adoption of smartphones and media tablets, Over-the-Top applications (OTT) are disrupting traditional services delivered from telecom operators, ISPs, or cable companies. OTT embraces a variety of telco services including communications (e.g. voice and messaging), content (e.g. TV and music) and cloud-based (e.g. compute and storage) offerings, representing a serious threat to revenues of traditional providers.
As telecom companies continue to compete for new customers, their key revenue challenge is to prevent losses by retaining their existing subscribers demanding for more and better services. Telecom companies have to deliver their own value-added services at competitive rates. By building applications and offering solutions that are aligned with an enterprise’s business objectives, Bell.One helps telecom enterprises to provide innovative, easily deployable, and cost-effective value-added services to their customers.
Bell.One services help telecom carriers meet their customers' demands, generate new revenue streams, and cut costs. Our multi-technology expertise and extensive experience in the telecommunications industry enable us to offer the best possible solutions.

Bell.One OTT services include:

  • Consulting: market survey, assessment, and business case analysis
  • Product quality assurance and testing
  • IT/VAS infrastructure management and support
  • Implementation of OTT solution: solution design and application development
  • Maintenance and deployment support

Key Features

  • A well-structured platform and user-friendly interface allowing customers to perform tasks anytime, anywhere, on any device and any network thereby increasing availability.
  • Smart content management tools automating customer workflows, with ultra-fast transcoding services, content delivery and player customization to ensure the smoothest possible online video experience.
  • Real-time analytics for improved decision-making process.
  • Revenue creation through unlocking multiple monetization ways for content or media owners.
  • Enhancing customer experience through social network engagement.


  • Flexible and robust managed and user prioritized encoding services
  • Improved customer experience
  • Variable and scalable data delivery paradigms
  • Adaptable to business and customer needs
  • Bell.One OTT solution is characterized by superior usability, flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency.