Professional Services

Bell Integrator™ professional services provide you with access to highly qualified specialists with the expertise to implement complex, scalable infrastructure projects and enterprise solutions from leading technology vendors like IBM, Cisco, Juniper, NetApp.

Professional Services Life Cycle

We will guide you throughout the project lifecycle; from business analysis to successful delivery and training of your staff.
  • Business Analysis
    We assess and thoroughly document the current state of your IT infrastructure, from single systems to complex ecosystems. We validate concepts, identify risks, and formulate acceptance criteria.
  • Design
    We develop the high-level system architecture that specify underlying technologies and design, creating solutions that leverage existing processes for optimal performance and cost.
  • Planning
    We create detailed descriptions of the system architecture and configurations to help you implement technologies in a cost-effective and timely manner. We help you manage risk and we work with you to develop complete acceptance test plans during this phase.
  • Implementation
    We draw from industry best practices and utilize our broad experience to deliver solutions for our clients. The implementation process includes deployment, acceptance testing, migration, integration, monitoring, and optimization.
  • Training
    We extend support and empower the IT staff of our clients through remote and on-site training to ensure the right competencies are in place to monitor, maintain and operate of the network infrastructure.

Partnering for Success

Bell Integrator helps its valued clients to realize cross-platform innovation and employ industry best practices through our multi-vendor relationships and in-depth expertise of the world’s leading technologies.