Emerging Technology Testing

Considering the rapid advances in cloud computing, mobile technology, and social media, organizations are dealing with a dynamic, ever-changing landscape with increased demands on multiple fronts, from storage to access and analytics, and must find ways to deploy with faster response times at lower cost. Organizations must address the way they implement and utilize newly emerging technologies if they are to succeed today. Bell Integrator™ Emerging Technology Testing services helps our clients validate the quality of emerging products and applications.

Key Features

  • Mobile and IoT Testing
    Should the release of a mobile application contain an error, the cost can be astronomical. Getting your apps published on Google Play usually takes several hours, versus several weeks at Apple's AppStore. If or when users get an update is an unknown. Errors can cause an extremely negative reaction, users leave low scores, and dismal reviews. New users, seeing this, do not install the application.
    Mobile testing is a complex process in that a large number of different screen resolutions, hardware configurations, several OS versions, different types of Internet connection, and sudden disruption in connection can all wreak havoc on the application's functionality.
    We provide a set of services that permit quality control to be performed throughout the entire life-cycle of your mobile applications. We conduct various types of testing based on customer needs. As a result, a customer receives a product that fully meets their requirements in terms of functionality, performance, and ease of use.
  • Big Data and Analytics Testing
    Big Data is understood to be a huge amount of information, but it's much more than just information. Big Data can be called a whole set of approaches, tools, and methods for processing large amounts of unstructured and structured data. The three parameters by which Big Data is defined, i.e., Volume, Variety and Speed, describe how you should process huge volumes of data in different formats at different speeds.
    We offer end-to-end testing from data acquisition testing to data analytics testing.


  • Speed up time-to-market
  • Ensure your applications are high-quality
  • Increase user adoption and satisfaction
  • Reduce your testing costs and TCO