Performance Testing Services

Modern software must often work under high loads. Failures and defects of software under high loads cause losses which are frequently inestimable. Bell Integrator™ Performance testing service allows these risks to be minimized and a range of related problems to be solved.

Key Features

  • Bell.One™ support services include consulting for testing, installation, repair and maintenance of computer hardware and software, computer networks and telecommunication systems, and for optimizing system configurations.
    • Load testing is performed to determine system behavior under normal conditions and anticipated peak load. It helps identify maximum operating capacity of an application, as well as any bottlenecks, and to determine which element is causing degradation.
    • Stress Testing is a form of deliberately intense or thorough testing used to determine the stability of a given system or entity. It involves testing beyond normal operational capacity, often to the breaking point in order to observe results.
    • Configuration testing is a form of performance testing which uses various hardware facilities in order to select optimal hardware configuration
    • Recovery testing is a form of performance testing which allows the recovery ability of a system after anticipated peak load to be determined.
    • Volume testing is a form of performance testing on different database volumes. This type of testing permits the maximum safe database volume to be determined
    • Stability testing is a form of system performance testing during long periods of operation under high loads
    • Baseline testing is a type of performance testing used if for some reason it is impossible to test in an environment approximating the actual operating environment.
  • Our Approach
    • Initial system and requirements analysis includes analysis of the project scope, non-functional system requirements, system architecture and determining the load testing loop
    • Tools and technology selection includes defining tools for performance testing, tool customization for performance testing, and defining types of performance testing
    • Load test methodology preparation
    • Performance test environment preparation
    • Performance test script development
    • Development of integrated system emulators
    • Test database provisioning, database preparations, database fulfillment, data pool preparation
    • Test execution, test results collection and analysis
    • Recommendations on performance enhancement
    • Performance test results report
  • Tools and technologies
    • HP Load Runner
    • HP Performance Center
    • MS TFS Performance testing
    • Jmeter
    • Borland Silk Performer
    • Custom platform for performance testing


  • Reduce additional operational costs for handling systems
  • Eliminate delayed system deployment due to performance issues
  • Early identification of major application defects and architectural issues
  • Increased visibility of resource utilization