Test Consulting

Bell Integrator™ Test Consulting services are aimed at helping companies optimize their quality management and IT testing capabilities.

Key Features

  • Test strategy development: Integration of testing into a service delivery release life-cycle
  • Test process audit and improvement: Solutions targeted to your specific test needs help you get the most out of your test equipment and applications
  • Test automation: Enables you to perform cost-effective, efficient, and repeatable lifecycle testing that enables you to deliver top-quality products
  • Tool selection
  • Employee training
  • When Test Consulting is necessary:
    • An increasing number of projects requires a more structured approach and corresponding documents
    • During organizational structure changes and fast company growth making previous process flows outdated
    • A decrease in quality caused by bottle-necks and communication issues among QA, Development, and Analytics departments
    • Deployment of new methodologies and practices such as Scrum, Continues integration, and Test-Driven development


  • Clear and measurable QA process
  • Clear understanding of project expenses and more precise budget planning
  • Optimized infrastructure
  • Improved collaboration between QA and Development and business units
  • Reduced human factors issues and improved work efficiency
  • Improved software testing strategy