Application Development

Bell Integrator™ offers a full array of software development and management services. In close collaboration with our customers, we'll start by defining the product. From there, we develop technical specifications and handle the development, implementation, and integration of the software and testing of the finished product. And every project comes with a comprehensive set of documentation.
Bell Integrator has the ISO 9001-2011 international quality certificate and offers a professional approach to software development and management using modern technical infrastructure and advanced design tools.

Key Services

We are experts in every aspect of product development. Whether you need a product developed from scratch or a custom modification, Bell.One helps achieve project targets and objectives quickly and effectively:
  • Application design and prototyping
    • Design UI and concept of future application
    • Develop functional design based on business needs
    • Develop a minimum application
  • Application development
    • Iterative development of software based on requirements
    • Software quality assurance and tests
  • Customer application customization
    • Adaptation of existing customer applications to new requirements
  • Our Approach
    Bell.One platform provides full-cycle product development services, from concept and idea to product design and development and all the way to support and maintenance.
    • Concept — together with the customer we define the goals, the type of product and the problems the product can solve
    • Idea — during brainstorming, we work out the best possible ways for the product to solve the identified problems, evaluate numerous ideas, and then choose the most promising one for further investigation
    • Design — we create upfront design and architecture that offer core functionality and provide configurability for a wide range of usage scenarios
    • Test — we perform testing to verify if the product meets the initial goals or if additional development is required
    • Release — once sure the product can solve the identified problems and meets the company's goals, it's ready for a rollout
We use modern and proven methodologies to manage product development processes. We will adapt the most suitable methods for your product development processes. Be it Agile and Scrum or Waterfall, you will get your product done with the best quality and in the shortest time possible.


  • Reduce time-to-market with Agile
  • Improve development quality
  • Save your development investments
  • Focus on your core business, let us take care of your development needs