Application Modernization Services

We modernize mission-critical applications, moving legacy applications to newer platforms and technologies to retain and extend the value of legacy investments by altering it for use with current business needs.

Key Features

  • We provide a wide array of Application Modernization Services. We combine several existing approaches to transform applications to perform better and easier maintainability.
    • Language-to-Language Conversion:
      We rewrite your application in a modern general-purpose programming language.
    • Re-engineering:
      We rework existing code to make your application more maintainable.
    • Platform Migration:
      We migrate your application to Bell.One or some other cloud platform.
    • Non-Invasive Application Integration:
      We use your application's existing input and output fields to modernize it without modifying it.
  • Our Approach
    We keep the updates small so that they can be put to use right away. With every iteration your application is closer to current demands and business processes and relies on the legacy code less and less. For example, migration to the Bell.One Cloud Platform could be performed in six steps:
    • Gather all necessary information
    • Replace existing subsystems with new services by source code wrapping
    • Perform non-invasive application integration
    • Move services to Bell.One Cloud
    • Migrate data
    • Cutover to ensure all subsystems have migrated and work well


  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Improved agility
  • Less reliance on internal modernization projects
  • Differentiation through innovation