Storage as a Service

Every organization is affected by the data explosion and faces never-ending investments in hardware as it struggles to store and manage information, much of it business-critical or subject to regulatory compliance. Purchasing, hosting, and managing an enterprise storage platform is costly and complex. Even with the most advanced capacity planning, predicting what and when it will be needed is a challenge often resulting in large capital expenditures at those times when an organization can least afford it.
Bell.One platform helps you quickly build and deploy performance-optimized storage and data protection services at low cost and with predictable service levels.

Key Features

  • Data storage: Our on-demand object storage platform enables rapid provisioning of storage, and users can request as much storage as they need
  • Rapid content delivery: Average response time is just a few milliseconds
  • Backup: Automatic replication of data on three separate servers
  • Data safety: Data is protected and information transfer is encrypted
  • Access from anywhere: For enterprises with many locations and branches, Storage as a Service provides each location with data independence and allows servers and applications to run remotely from where the data is stored

Pricing details

100 GB storage $4.00 per month
150 GB storage $5.00 per month
200 GB storage $7.00 per month
500 GB storage $18.00 per month


  • Enable data access in the cloud from any location on any device
  • Reduce or eliminate storage-related capital investments
  • Flexibility and accessibility: pay only for what you use
  • Instantly-available ready-made cloud-enabled solution
  • Simple service activation procedure and management: just a few clicks away