Foreign Object Identification

Foreign Object Identification is a set of techniques applied for the detection of foreign or undesired objects that can cause a potential hazard to the safety and integrity of society. The core of Bell.One™ Foreign Object Identification system is the increasingly intelligent and robust video analytics that are capable of analyzing videos from low-level image appearance and feature extraction to midlevel object or event detection to high-level reasoning and scene understanding.

Key Features

  • Huge number of foreign object categories
  • Wide range of detection functions
  • Active alarm and event handling
  • Smart and powerful investigative modes
  • Actionable monitoring
  • Highly scalable with distributed architecture
  • Focus on na set of multiple foreign objects identification in an integrated manner
  • FOD detection
  • Unauthorized ingress/egress detection
  • Real-time customer notification


  • Improved security
  • Maintained safety and compliance
  • Operational costs saving
  • Performance enhancement
  • Increased safety
  • Decreased overall cost
  • Reduced risks of incidents