Fraud Detection

More and more companies today are leveraging the technology of video surveillance and fraud detection in order to protect high-valued assets, employees and customers, and to ensure the highest levels of customer service and efficiency. Fraud is extremely hard to detect, as it is not random in nature. Usage of video analytics and fraud detection technology can significantly change the process of fraud detection and prevention in the future. By staying ahead of suspicious behavior, organizations can control outcomes and reduce exposure with the best response, and maximize the impact when taking action. Bell.One™ solution uses a comprehensive approach to help companies stay proactive when it comes to fraud detection, so they can successfully deal with increasing fraud losses affecting industries.

Key Features

  • Video analytics, fraud detection technology and social intelligence are combined to identify fraudulent behavior.
  • Detection of suspicious behavior and identification of threats are supported by expanding the surveillance space across a wide range of video streams from multiple sources and using different types of analytics.
  • Using advanced customer screening, monitoring across multiple video channels in real-time and centralized case management provide effective handling of detected fraudulent events.
  • The ability to track multiple objects simultaneously provides higher fraud detection and a lower false alarm rate.
  • Advanced fraud analytics and reporting tools make it easy to analyze, measure, and manage fraud risk for a wide range of internal and external users.
  • Anomaly detection and real-time correlation searches can identify and alert on fraud as it happens so companies can act to prevent the fraud before it adversely affects the bottom line.


  • Higher prevention rate of sophisticated internal and external fraudulent activities
  • Effective management of detected fraudulent events
  • Improved customer service efficiency and client’s trust
  • Decreased security cost
  • Risk reduction