We have deep experience from working with global telecom giants, serving more than 500M subscribers in total. We offer solutions to complex problems that significantly improve customer service, reduce maintenance costs, and increase control over IT infrastructure.


We work on strategic projects with top-tier banks in Russia and CIS with average capitalization of over $10B. We help banks heavily influenced by regulations to make appropriate IT adjustments to effectively meet new requirements while ensuring maximum business advantage.


We provide digital transformation services to retail companies, including Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things, Predictive Analytics, and Transaction Enablement helping them revolutionize the retail shopping experience for boosted sales.


We help leading automotive companies improve operational agility, decrease time to market, and generate new revenue through innovative services delivered to the fingertips of their customers.


We help hospitals and medical practitioners improve patient care through our cloud-ready medical information system, and by providing consulting services and / or outsourcing IT maintenance and development processes.


We help transporters and 3PL companies make their business more efficient and provide enhanced customer service. Technologies such as Internet of Things enables them to maintain visibility on their shipments in transit to minimize the risk of theft and to optimize delivery schedules.


We enable educational organizations to renovate their learning processes with digital services such as Augmented Reality. The technology brings endless opportunities: fascinating training materials, 3d prototypes, interactive trainings, game based learning, virtual learning environment and more!


Smart agriculture enables farmers to make everyday operations more insight driven and efficient. Through the Internet of Things service, we transform the agriculture industry and allow farmers to ensure that the environmental conditions during transit are maintained within set levels.


We empower the sports industry with disruptive technologies such as Augmented Reality that creates next-generation opportunities to drive new revenue, offering promotions and engaging users to make impulsive purchasing decisions with gamification.


We help differentiate your brand with stunning AR-enabled marketing collateral and advertising. Augmented Reality provides experiences that are attention grabbing, personalized, and memorable. This technology greatly increases consumer engagement and provides an omnichannel standardized experience.


We provide digital transformation services for government to increase efficiency and transparency, improve government transaction services, enhance citizen satisfaction and trust, and meet the needs of rapidly changing demographics.

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